The 11 Forgotten Laws Review Continued disk 8-11


Review Disc 8 Law of Non-Resistance

In The 11 Forgotten Laws audio program the Law of non-Resistance is the simplest one, but it is the easy to be misunderstands according to authors. Most people think that being non resistance means being in a way to be weak when  

facing  unwanted people or circumstance. So the authors say that "the reaction to situation or people creates the very circumstances. Bob Proctor goes on saying “reacting is the habit to response, we have to think and  explain that paradigm is multitude of habits, so in oreder to response rather then react we have to really think”. I believe that all lesson is saying to us that if we want experience a change in our life we have to stop to react and we need response to unwanted circumstance and people.

Bob Proctor give a really deep explanation so we can have full understanding from different angles. And also the provide examples and techniques to work in harmony with this Law of Non-Resistance. This Disc 8 of The 11 Forgotten Laws last for all most 45 minutes. 

Review Disc 9 Law of Forgiveness

The 11 Forgotten Laws

This lesson is about how to forgive and the authors starting with this description: forgiveness is a shift in perception that removes a block in me, to my awareness of love's presence”.

The Law of Forgiveness is of The 11 Forgotten Laws the most can be relate to religions or philosophies. But actually I was surprised to hear the amount of scientists research, that Universities have done about the application of forgiveness in life and the benefits one can receive.

But the Authors they make really clear the acting of forgiveness puts the Law of Attraction in action in sense that “whatever we resist it persist”! This Law is applicable according to the authors to people, circumstance and ideas. So they go on giving examples and great techniques they really highlight the fact we have to be non resistant in order to create what we want. This lesson last for all most 50 minutes.

Review Disc 10 Law of Sacrifice

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Here with this Law of Sacrifice is an other word for discipline now for me was the first time I heard that association for these two words. But after I've listened to this lesson made more sense to me. But “discipline has consciously chosen, ardently desired and patiently persisted” this words are from Mary Morrissey. And they are wonderful words and they add a lot to the word ”disciplines”!

Bob goes on describing disciplines from his point view which is: give up something of low value to higher value. Also he says that we grow in life or we die unless we work the Law of Sacrifice, because change is inevitable! So this law is by authors point view is law of life and always we give up something for something else the only thing we don't see it. So we better chose to give up the things that not serving us any more.

The lesson is about “Growth” very easy to be misunderstand but very powerful when we work with that. Also we need to remember this about forming new habits and to change we need to go bit of discomfort. The lesson last about 30 minutes and to be honest I'm still listening to it! 

The 11 Forgotten Laws
Review Disc 11 Law of Obedience

This is an interesting Lesson of The 11 Forgotten Laws, in a way according to the authors, they refer as " scientific law of universe"! Because the understanding of this law will bring the awareness that will bring the power of control any conditions or circumstances.

What is this Law of Obedience, well all have to obey to natural laws of universe we have to be true to our chosen path life by application of consciously chosen discipline. So the more we obey to this law (just like a good mum teaches to his child the discipline with love not with fear) the more we can be powerful been.

Sound bit absurd you'll think but this the way I got this lesson. So I believe the authors are saying that to manifest anything we want in life, trough the use of the Law of Attraction, we have to apply first this law! Starting with by obeying our thoughts, we have to learn to choose our thoughts our true. The lesson of  The 11 Forgotten Laws last about 22min, short and powerful compare to the others and gives a deep explanation with example. Learn more about Bob Proctor audio program Special Offer!


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