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I don't know why The 11 Forgotten Laws were not mentioned in the movies The Secret probably because they didn't want make a long movie, or for some other explanation. But the only thing I can tell you is that to really understand and apply the Law of Attraction, you need to know the rest of Universal Laws.

How we create our reality or how we manifest things, which is the same thing, is the key element of any self improvement journey. Any time we want create something it's create with same process by that is explained in details the same 11 Forgotten Laws. 

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How Did I Discovered The 11 Forgotten Laws!

At the time of the coming out of the movie The Secret, I was less involved with self improvement audio material certainly not like I am now. My knowledge was based on more on books rather then audio programs. But after watching the movie The Secret where speakers were talking about the Law of Attraction, I had a compelling feeling to learn more. So I decided to learn from audio programs.

Also I understood that if really I wanted to live in harmony with this Laws and manifest anything, I have reprogram my mind with repeat exposure to same messages but from different angles (so repetition of similar messages but from different teachers) for this reason audio programs are very good.

What I am try to say is that the “experts” in The Secret they pushed in me the right buttons, they weak me up in a way. One of this teachers really had a positive impact on me and that was Bob Proctor from many considered the new Napoleon Hill.

So as soon I GOT THE CHANCE I want check all the website regarding Bob Proctor material and sign up his newsletter. When I've got the email about new audio program course called The 11 Forgotten Laws I clicked on the link straight away and after carefully reading the page I decide to give it a try especially because the course had 60 days money back guarantee.

Also the good thing was that rather than send you Cds you can download the all program and access to MindVolley member access area were you can interact with other participants. 

What's in The 11 Forgotten Laws?

When I 've downloaded the program was so exited that I didn't realize that with main program were videos by made Bob Proctor as bonus too, very good. Now let's explain what's in this program.

As you receive the confirmation email you receive the access to member area where all The 11 Forgotten Laws program is allocated. You can then access the lessons and your notes any time, anywhere for instant and easy revision that will enhance your learning and accelerate your results!

It life long member area so you access any time forever and you can interact with other people and complete the lessons with your notes that you can save too.


The 11 Forgotten Laws site

The program has 12 digital audio Cds it's fully downloadable, the audio Transcripts with workbook and book of Raymond Hollywood “Working with the Law” which the all audio course is based on.

Plus Audio Bonuses form “The American Monk” Burt Goldman the Prosperity Program, the and Silva’s Legendary Cantering Audio plus a recorded seminar on prosperity by T. Harv Eker and Laura Silvia! 

What's Audio Course About?

Well it can be very long answer, but I will try to give the clearest answer as possible. If you've reed other reviews about the Forgotten Laws they describe the course as type Law of Attraction of course.

Well this is only a part of the answer, but to give a more accurate answer on The 11 Forgotten Laws course is a great audio program on the Law of Attraction and talks but the other Universal Laws.

What I mean is that The 11 Forgotten Laws audio lessons gives a really deep explanation of how the universe works, from the point view of creating our own reality. I believe as you go trough the lessons you'll think that this Laws are known in commune wisdom just like “old sayings”, but is more than that.


The 11 Forgotten Laws

This audio course is designed to give you the key principles for working in harmony with Law of Attraction and the other laws. But I didn’t think like that the first time I've listened to the lessons. At first I really believed this 11 Laws was all “bs” and yes I did say that, to putter in better words “non sense” . But now you have two choices here or keep on reading or scroll down to final paragraph so you understand what I mean! Learn more about Bob Proctor audio program Special Offer!


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