The Power of Conversational Hypnosis Review CD 1# What You'll Learn

Hypnosis CD1

So in the first CD of The Power of Conversational Hypnosis audio program it's all about what you will learn from this program and also will clear up some confusion about what hypnosis that most people has. A clear explanation for those who never learn a thing about hypnosis what exactly is and what we can do with it.

The author Igor Ledochowoski explains what's in each CD, and obviously doesn't make sense when you listen for the first time, also the author uses some of the principles while talking. So that make the person who's listening more receptive to those new concepts.
Also in this CD gives the fundamental formula on which the all process is based, and goes like this:

1) Adsorb attention 2) Bypass the critical factor 3) Activate an unconscious response 4) Lead the unconscious to a desired outcome

A the end of the CD will leave with two demonstrations of the power of conversational hypnosis in action in two different situation, and their detailed breakdown. At the end of the first CD there are set of exercises to do in order to prepare the listener for the next lesson.

The Power of Conversational Hypnosis Review
CD 2#
Beyond Rapport and Signal Recognition System

The Powerof Conversationa Hypnosis CD2

The CD starts with an explanation of what is “rapport” in traditional way and hypnotic way and also the importance of establish a good rapport with the person we're talking to. This step is the base for the good outcome of all conversational hypnosis process.

The author explains also matching and mirroring technique which is popular way to build rapport in Nlp but the author mention also describes its limitations. Here this CD of The Power of Conversational Hypnosis the author talks about the 6 mistakes that people make while the try to build rapport, and he gives the solution for them.

As I'm sure you understand that convert hypnosis is still hypnosis so the author refers from time to time to the traditional hypnosis. That's why gives few examples of regular hypnosis too.

Here you get to experience two inductions that helps you the student to achieve heightened state of awareness, also the author gives the breakdown of this induction. Very fascinating stuff. At the end of this CD there 6 exercises to do.

The Power of Conversational Hypnosis Review
CD 3# Hypnotic Language Foundation


As the title of this CD says, this lesson is fundamental of conversational hypnosis audio course and will help the listener to start experimenting with conversational hypnosis in regular environment such as at work, at home and so on.

Here you'll learn how to create and maintain “yes mind set” while having conversation and why is such important first step. Also the author will explain the importance of words and gives some magic words the so called the “four words of power”. They have the power to work as conjunction between ideas that are not strictly related.

Second part of this CD of The Power of Conversational Hypnosis audio program is dedicated at signal recognition , meaning that every person goes to trance. And there the author tells how to see that, a signal most of the time it's physical change and the author teaches what they are and how to see them.

In this CD there are two inductions as example with breakdowns and as usual there are 6 exercises to do before you can move to the next lesson.

The Power of Conversational Hypnosis Review
CD 4#
The Authority Strategies: Tactics to Ensure Success


This CD The author Igor Ledochowoski gives the first set strategies for ensure to have susses in conversational hypnosis. He calls them “power tactics” . Here the first one is the “authority strategy” which is about the role status that you play in the conversation. And more precises the author talks about the importance to be when is possible in playing the “high status role” and he describes the characteristics of the “high status role” and how to achieve it.

It's important to play that role because people will perceive and believe you as an “authority” and that is key in all conversational hypnosis. An other thing that you''ll learn from this CD is the so call “consistency principle” which is the continuation of the authority state. Once is applied people will respond to you as an authority throughout the all conversation.

The “Agreement tactics” is an other one which allows to create an environment where every time a suggestion is presented will be accept as true from the unconscious mind of the listener. To do that the author gives 4 types of tactics that will help to achieve the desired outcome. Very powerful staff.

This last part of this CD of The Power of Conversational Hypnosis contains four tracks about the “Persistence tactics” . Which is basely the idea that the more you repeat and the same idea, many times over during a conversation, the more will sink deeply into the unconscious mind of the person who’s listening. The author gives 4 ways to apply this principle.

All throughout the CD Igor Ledochowoski the author gives plenty hypnotic examples, which clearly demonstrate his ability of transforming difficult concepts into something more accessible to everyone.

Also provide at the end 8 exercises where one “instant power meditation”, and an other is “mental rehearsal for success”. This two, once mastered, are something really useful. Check now the official site for >> 71% discount!


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