The Power of Conversational Hypnosis Review
CD 8# Conversational Inductions: How to Deal Directly with The Unconscious Mind

The Power of Conversational Hypnosis CD8

In this lesson of The Power of Conversational Hypnosis you'll learn what is really hypnosis, meaning how to make inductions. At the start Igor Ledochowoski the author gives first few direct induction using the regular hypnosis process.

The process is based on four step attention, bypass the critical thinking, activate unconscious response, lead the unconscious responses.

This CD is an hypnotic audio because most of the tracks are inductions just like the hypnotist performance hypnosis right in front of you. Here the author teaches two types of inductions direct and indirect with relative examples. These are the “60 seconds induction” very direct, to “the gaze induction” very indirect way to put into to trance any listener.

For both techniques there examples and their breakdowns, with explanation how to each steps that us the students, we need to follow in order to induce a trace in anther person. Also the author Igor Ledochowoski gives a set of specific tricks to apply in real situation. Some of these tricks are: overt and covert hypnotic voice, my friend John technique and extend quotes.

At the end of this CD The Power of Conversational Hypnosis the author gives 5 exercise to practice. A tip in order to really learn this lesson is to listen at list 4-5 time and really do exercise some of them are direct inductions (hypnosis) with friends at list 20 times each until feel really you you master the process.

This lesson is very powerful and if the students takes the time to apply it and he'll know where we heading with all audio program. The author also suggest to go to go listen and study the Bonus CD 2 which goes deeply into the topic continuous below.

The Power of Conversational Hypnosis Review
CD Bonus 2# Advanced Secrets to Bypass Resistance

The Power of Conversational Hypnosis BonusCD2

This CD follows CD 8 before the student can move to the CD 9. Here the author gives more complex inductions in details, using various principles that were talked in prevision lesson, but here author goes deep into processes. Great stuff.

The “Piggy Back principles” the author discussed in CD 4 used for this induction, for this reason is called “Piggy Back induction”. It works by attaching a suggestion onto an idea that they're already been accepted. It's based on redirect the other person attention to things already there using the three senses feeling, seeing or hearing.

That direct attention of the listener and gives you lead for the induction. The fact is that the person has to feel/see/hear because things are in/around him/her. So there is no denying and so it's more likely that all suggestions that you make are acceptable from the unconscious mind of the listener. Brilliant stuff obviously the author gives great examples that I'm not able to report here. But he does a great job in giving all the details of the process and techniques.

Than Igor Ledochowoski author of The Power of Conversational Hypnosis gives at this point more ways to make indirect (covert) the inductions such: techniques different use of my friend John technique; the mind reader technique based on experience, believes and expectation, truisms and general assumption. All this techniques are given in order to start with direct induction and gradually move more to indirect inductions. All that has side effect to reinforce the “yes set” that the piggy back induction does well.

A lot of examples and two hypnotic demonstrations in this CD, and for sure the author didn't keep anything off from this bonus CD that contains a lot of information to digest for the students. But once you realize as I did that each part of this The Power of Conversational Hypnosis audio course is all connected, it'll become easier that it seams.

Five exercise are in this lesson and very interesting ones, I suggest you to do them more the once again very important especially the third one which about “create an hypnotic story a day” to tell to it becomes a gym for your unconscious mind if that everyday. I did for a while and I was shocked at fact how easy becomes to create hypnotic story after while. >> Jump head now to the official site!


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