The Power of Conversational Hypnosis Review CD 9# How to Destroy Resistance With Stories Part Two

The Power of Conversational Hypnosis CD9

This CD of The Power of Conversational Hypnosis is the continuation of CD 7 but in more advanced way. What I mean is that here the author goes much deeper in hypnotic route. And he shows really that he knows what is talking about. And he gives the way to destroy any resistance with the art of story telling in regular conversation that makes the listener go really to trance almost immediately.

There is catch though, which is that the one you're listening in this CD is master hypnotist and master in conversational hypnosis and make look things really easy. For sure Igor Ledochowoski spent a lot time on practice his process.

What you'll learn from this lesson is the process of telling story. And the difference that makes them hypnotic that they contain suggestions, traces, and post hypnotic suggestions. The beauty of this all process is that a story contains 3 to 12 other stories in it and are connected by loops.

Those loops are hard or soft loops the difference is in the way you brake these new stories inside of the main story. Also the idea is to insert stories that are completely unrelated to the main one in order to put to sleep the critical factor.

There are 4 level “nested loops” called like this from the author , here the are: basic nested loop, intermediate nested loop, advanced basic loop, master nested loop. This is very good process that personally I've never heard before and the explanation of such sophisticate process is just unbelievable detailed. That the author makes everything so simple.

At the end of this CD the author gives 3 exercises for practicing this lesson, but also he refer the listener to an other CD which is a Bonus CD 3 ( Super Hypnotic Story Teller) which is full packed with demonstrations of hypnotic stories. Where all the techniques learned so far are in action a master peace of art the story telling in action I can say.

The Power of Conversational Hypnosis Review
CD 10# Advanced Frame Control: How To Lead Any Interaction

The Power of Conversational Hypnosis CD10

The lesson in this CD it's a key point in all conversational hypnosis process. Here the author talks of the importance of “frames” during a conversation and off conversation. But first let tell me what is a frame is basely the conviction of each person has of him or herself in relation of outside world and also in relation to a specific circumstance is in.

It's way for human beings to filter (perceive) people/circumstance / our-self . That's why we're more attract to some people and situation and repelled from others. It's the way we deal we our-self and the world around us. You may thinking what has to do with covert hypnosis, well it has a lot to do with it.

Every time we find our-self having problem in some situation because there is a war between our vision and other people's visions, this what the author calls “frame war”. This all CD is dedicated on how to set and prevent or work around this clashes within situations and people.

The author Igor Ledochowoski of The Power of Conversational Hypnosis gives four methology that helps create a positive frame, these are: maintain your frame, preframing, reframing and deframing. As usual the author goes really deep into the details of how to use those process with examples and tricks and technique.

All this lesson is very good because teaches how to maintain a positive mindset. At the end of this CD you'll find 5 exercises and some of them are connected to CD 1. If you get this program you'll see that all lessons are really one thing!

The Power of Conversational Hypnosis Review
CD 11# Conversational Trance Formulas: Getting Exactly What You Want

The Power of Conversational Hypnosis CD11

With this Cd we're really getting close to the end of the program and author starts putting all the things in order to achieve a perfect conversational hypnosis. What you'll find here in this lesson is collection of formulas where that all conversation has to go trough in order to get exactly what you want out it.

First of this formula is a check list that you need to go trough in your mind in order to be sure that all the elements of conversational hypnosis are there, called “LIFE” by the author Igor Ledochowoski.

The second formula is the so called “PCAT” which gives the direction on how to use all the conversational hypnosis techniques learned so for in all program. With this formula you the user can create positive change in any situations and with everyone. It's the formula to get what you want out of people by Igor Ledochowoski and gives a demonstration for this formula too.

After he moves in explaing how to use “Post-sugetion” and “Future memories” in order to make the listener more incline to do what you want him/her to do, plenty of examples with this too.

Last formula is the so called “Comila Formula” this very interesting way to make people motivate in a unconscious way in order to achieve what you want them to do. The author it gives a demonstration of the “CAMILA” formula which is something really good and looks so natural that I didn’t think was any different from a normal conversation.

In this example the author reproduce a real case where the a senior manger (him) is talking to a junior executive in order to give him a bit of motivation in passing his professional exams, that he has some problem with. Very interesting and same time real on how can conversational hypnosis can really help.

This lesson of The Power of Conversational Hypnosis audio program has a lot of content formulas demonstration and breakdowns. I suggest to listen often in order to really assimilate its content. For this CD only one exercise to do many times over in order to get good result with this topic to practice in normal conversation. Check now the official site for 71% discount!


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