The Power of Conversational Hypnosis

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I've found out about The Power of Conversational Hypnosis form an email I've received from Joe Vitale, and the punch line said something like this “if you want to live a life of fulfillment and joy and SUCCESS whatever means for you you have to able to deal and influence other people in positive way”.

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So Dr. Vitale in his email mention the fact that by using a special type of hypnosis called conversational hypnosis ( also called covert or subliminal) anyone can influence other people. And then I went on introducing the author of The Power Of Conversational Hypnosis which is name is Igor Ledochowoski and he described as genius in his field.

 The Power of Conversational Hypnosis

Some of the qualification Athor, Certified Master Hypnotist & Trainer , Accredited & Certified NLP Master Practitioner & Trainer ,Certified Success Life Coach & Trainer and he is been practicing professionally over 15 years.

I have been involved in selling for almost my career and I know the importance of influencing people but not in this way, meaning conversational hypnosis. So I decide to give a try so I've bought the program!

What's The Audio Program About?

This audio program is detailed course on how to influence people in positive way in order to achieve positive outcome in any situation and environment, you can use these techniques in work, with family, friends or even how to talk to a complete stranger. This audio program gives complete how to influence people with use of convert hypnosis which is branch of normal hypnosis used invented from the famous hypnotherapist on 50's Milton Erickson.

 Is The Power of Conversational Hypnosis
Audio Program For Anyone?

This program is not meant for anyone, don't get me wrong once you go trough the lessons you'll think like me “why did buy this program”. But after a few lessons the all audio course start make more sense.

 The Power of Conversational Hypnosis

What I'm try to say that this audio course is not for fainthearted, but at contrary is for people that are eager to learn a set of techniques that literally can transform the way the deal with people.

It's for people that are experiencing some tension in work, at home or with friends that they feel they need to do something about. Maybe you need to have better relationship with your wife husband, children or you colleges or your boss.

Also is very useful for people that are working in sales in fact this audio program helps you to understand what's in the mind of the other person you dealing with. And how to influence them in order to achieve win win outcome. Learn and apply this techniques contained in the program and literally can increase your level of sales.

How The Power of Conversational Hypnosis
Audio Program is Structured!

The Power of Conversational Hypnosis main course CD title:

1# The Power of Conversational Hypnosis – what you'll learn

2# Beyond Rapport and Signal Recognition System

3# Hypnotic Language Foundation

4# The Authority Strategies- Tactics to Ensure Success

5# Emotional Trigger: Controlling Inner Pictures and Feelings

6# Advanced Hypnotic Language

7# How to Destroy Resistance with Stories Part 1

8# Conversational Inductions: How to Deal Directly with The Unconscious Mind

9# How to Destroy Resistance with Stories Part 2

10# Advanced Frame Control: How to Irresistibly Lead any Interaction

11# Conversational Trance Formulas- Getting What You Want

12# How to Master Conversational Hypnosis


1# Stealth Tactics

2# Advanced Secrets to Bypass Resistance

3# Conversational Hypnosis in Action: The Super Hypnotic Storyteller

4# Top secret: Breaking the Hypnotic Storyteller Code


1# The Art of Great Conversation CD part 1

2# The Art of Great Conversation CD part 2

The Secret Art of Great Conversations Transcripts PDF

How-To-Master-Conversational-Hypnosis-Cheat-Sheet-01 PDF

How-To-Master-Conversational-Hypnosis-Cheat-Sheet-02 PDF

How-To-Master-Conversational-Hypnosis-Cheat-Sheet-03 PDF

How-To-Master-Conversational-Hypnosis-Cheat-Sheet-04 PDF

Ericksonian Hypnosis Seminar by Stephen Brooks mpr3 about 11hrs

Price of the entire program 197 $ 60 DAYS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE



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