The Secret of Deliberate Creation Audio Course Review Continued Disk 2-4


The Secret Of Deliberate Creation DISK 2 Review

1st Track of The Secret of Deliberate Creation Disk 2 is about “How The Collective Consciousness Of Others Controls Your Life”, essentially Dr Anthony explains the fact that everything is interconnected and how the law of cause and effects, creates everything that we see or experience. To put simply everything

that we see is refection of our inner world as subconscious mind. So we need pay attention how the thoughts and are coming from! Dr. Anthony goes on by giving explanation of why some historical facts happen (such Hitler, Middle East).

What we see or experience around us is the direct effect of us the cause. It's bold statement but the things and event around us they always match our level of consciousness as individual or collectively but we the power to change our-self and as consequence we change the things around us! Dr. Anthony concludes the session of The Secret of Deliberate Creation add on his statement that is very hard to understand for many people.

2nd Track is about “How To Use Your Natural Inner Guidance System” gives techniques about you can use the natural guide system that we all have. And the authors highlighted the fact that worries or fears or other discomfort feelings are just signal for you to correct and he gives the exact process that in order to go back to neutral flow of things. He gives a powerful techniques on how we can be alignment with you subconscious mind.

The Secret To Deliberate Creation cd

3rd Track is called “The Secret Of The Flip Switch” of The Secret Of Deliberate Creation is the powerful technique that gives and can really transform anyone life’s. This technique gives the ability to change the thoughts and feeling and consciously change you action, right it the moment. It's a way to break the old pattern of thinking

4th Track is called “Introducing Your Essential Silent Partner” and here the program gets strange especially for some people has materialistic view of the world. What Dr. Anthony in this part of the program goes explaining the we are and spiritual being (not in religion way) having the physical experience. And we are always connect with invisible world through the “Essential Silent Partner” (ESP). This is the bridge between you and universal mind or source of the all knowledge. So this “Essential Silent Partner” is unphysical part of you that give information and guidance. And this session provides techniques how to access and work with “Essential Silent Partner” in order to create anything you want in life!

DISK 3 The Secret Of Deliberate Creation Review

1st Track is called “Heart-Set vs. Mindset” is a lesson that last about 15 minutes and main concept that for anybody to achieve anything in life we start from not the mind but the heart set, which is the emotional mind, “what we really want the most” is the key . The author in this lesson goes on by saying that unless we place our emotion in action we cannot have what we truly desire. So identify the “Heart Desire” this the expression used by Dr. Anthony. Always mindset fails if is not combine with emotional mind the “Heart “ and gives plenty of examples for clarify this concept!


2nd Track is called “How To Know What You Truly Desire” this the key session of the all disk and overall one of the main step in creating what we want. Dr Anthony provides in this track of this audio course the formula to identify our heart desires. Which are the core of unconscious desire. These are desires that are ingrained deeply in our unconscious mind that inevitable we will manifest in our life once we've identified them. Our job from the Dr. Anthony point view is to consciously align with those heart design. Very interesting concept and process!

3rd Track is called “Your Creative Magnetic Energy - The Law Of Critical Mass“ according the author, this is the process that we've all used (unconsciously) an energy which is inside us. And which is the causes that enables us to achieve anything of significant in our life. Here Dr. Robert Anthony gives all the information on how to use the creative Magnetic Energy, and how to use Law of Critical Mass in order to manifest our true heart desires! Again in here techniques and examples that helps to understand. Learn more about The Secret of Deliberate Creation about special offer!


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