The Secret of Deliberate Creation Review Continued Disk 4-5


The Secret Of Deliberate Creation DISK 4 Review

1st Track of The Secret of Deliberate Creation of CD 4  is called “Communicating With Your ESP” according the author the Essential Silence Partner (ESP) is there to assist us trough the process of creation. He/it does this through with the use

of emotion and feeling gives the direction to achieve our heart desires. But there’s is an other way to communicate with him/it and this as special technique that Dr. Anthony describes in details in this session of the audio course!

2nd Track is called “Understanding Time And Your Point Of Power" this lesson contains an other key point of the entire audio course. It's idea all the things we see we think or experience are in this moment, Now. The author says: “if we don't live in the moment and become super aware of your thought, feelings s and action, we're not using our mind but the mind is using us”. The author provide techniques that helps to live in Now the point of power according to him.


The Secret Of Deliberate Creation

3rd Track is called “Allowing vs. Resisting” in this lesson the author explains the fact that when we allowing rather that creating with our logical mind we create in faster way. He gives couple examples on what is “allowing” and in other end what is “resisting”. The last one is when we try to create things by pushing with logical mind, but without change the thoughts the believe and circumstance that create the reality we live in the first place! In brief resistance is to force things to happen with the same paradigm and allowing is creation using the new paradigm. Also he talks about ask and receiving with detachment from the outcome. Very good lesson.

DISK 5 The Secret Of Deliberate Creation Review

1st Track is called “Removing Self-Sabotage And Mental Blocks” this very cool lesson he starts this one with a question which provides the WHY we don't have the things that we want. Goes on by say that every time we express the lack of something are because our counter intention prevent people to achieve our desire. In other words people had change their beliefs before we create in manifest anything in life! And Dr. Anthony gives the deep explanation how this beliefs are formed in our mind and gives the receipt to change them. So this lesson of program play I say a critical point in all the creation process. This lesson alone will help many people to understand how the mind works and how they created everything in life with very clear fine details.

2nd Track is called “Let Go And Let It Happen” is about let it go the requests that we make to the Universe. Here in this part of The Secret Of Deliberate Creation audio program Dr. Anthony highlight the fact in order to manifest anything that we truly desire, we need to live in the moment and as consequence of a mind free of worries about past event and future events. Also this part of detachment plays a big part Also the author gives a mathematics way to measure the time that a person spends in the moment, and how effects his power of the creation, interesting exercises, learn more about the program here.


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