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DISK 6 Review

1st Track of The Secret of Deliberate Creation disk 6 is called “How To Know When It's Time To Take Action” here in this lesson Dr. Anthony discuses the role that action has in creation process. Starting from the social assumption that in order to have some results in life if we need take a lot of action, and that associated with struggle.

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Than the author say this a nonsense and we do that because we place more attention on the action part rather the thought part. This lesson of The Secret Of Deliberate Creation is about clear up the false ideas on action as key component of the creation process. Also there techniques that shows how to this.

2nd Track is called “The Road To No More Excuses” here the author gives a powerful exercises that show what your excuses are and how to overcome them, on why we don't have or be the things we desire in life. Very practical exercise. And than Dr Anthony gives a list of things an anyone should practice in order to manifest the things we want. It's like the Deliberate Creator 14 commandments a practical guidance to the manifestation process. We are energy he says and higher is our energy the more strong is the power of create. Cool very cool!

3rd Track is called “The Ultimate Secret To Creating Your Life By Design” in this lesson Dr. Anthony reveals a shocking and simple secret. A shortcut to attracting anything in life and gives the detail of how it works and how we all used many time before but unconsciously.

Bonus Law of Attraction Track of The Secret To Deliberate Creation Dr. Anthony walks trough to the process step by step to attract the money the cost of invest in the audio program. This called Quick Start Program very powerful process with the uses a mild conversational hypnosis. He is not only bypasses the conscious mind but he convinces it that is possible to attract what you want. So that, your desires syncs into the unconscious mind. This one has a pdf's that come with it with instruction how to use it. And 5 envelops to be open every 7 days containing instruction to be followed. Very cool stuff, a great exercises and I've personally used and worked for me. Give a try for your self here!

The Secret Of Deliberate Creation Bad Points

Here the only bad point I can find in this program is in the fact that all audio course doesn't have any pdf or written material for the exercises and the transcripts for the lessons, and this can be a real disadvantage for some.

But the Quick Start Program has the 5 envelops with instruction pdf to follow in order to manifest the cost of the audio course! And in fairness there are 7 book pdf or physical copy that compensate this problem.

My Final Opinion on
The Secret To Deliberate Creation

To be honest I've listened many programs on the Law of Attraction and the creation process, but by far this one of the best program. It's complete and doesn’t leave misunderstandings on how to go about the creation process. I have to say I 've been used for over 2 year I had some success with this process, "ONE OF THIS IS THIS WEBSITE"


The Secret To Deliberate Creation

It's very practical and theoretical at same time, so you get to experience both worlds which is essential. The theory without the experience doesn't work and also true the opposite

Also the great thing about The Secret of Deliberate Creation audio program is that Dr. Anthony is an experienced Master Hypnotist, and in most of the lessons he uses mild conversational hypnosis which helps the listener to understand and accept at deeper level the theory behind the creation process.

In fact he does mention at the star of the program the fact that main concepts will be repeated in many different ways. But he doesn't say openly “conversational hypnosis” but that's what it is. It's powerful technique. Sounds very weird when he speaks but he does that in purpose GREAT And UNIQUE AUDIO PROGRAM.

Plus the Quick Start Program is great way to demonstrate how the process works and how you can manifest thing starting from recovering the cost of the The Secret To Deliberate Creation audio program! AND THIS WHAT HAPPEN TO ME VERY COOL STUFF!! Now that you know all about why don't you give a it try and let me know!


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