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I came across The Secret Of Deliberate Creation audio program by Dr. Robert Anthony from the Joe Vitale which is an other author and speaker from The Secret. He has endorsed the program when came out few years ago. I had chance to listen a Dr. Anthony interview where he explained how the mind works and how use it to achieve any goal in life.

He mentioned the fact that we need to by pass the conscious mind an work directly with subconscious mind before we can create anything.

Fascinating interview! After that I did get from Amazon his book called “Beyond Positive Thinking” published in the 80's , great book

I was astonished from the deep knowledge of this guy on the topic, so I decided to try The Secret Of Deliberate Creation audio program. Even because with this offer I was getting the Intention Activator” Software and also 5 books written by him including the title I've just mention above. Plus I've got all this in downloadable version at cheaper price nice. I had only paid 67 $ for this offer but on top of it got two other of his programs which I will discussed in my next reviews. And I had 365 day guarantee. 

What Is The Secret Of Deliberate
Creation Audio Course About?

The Secret Of Deliberate Creation simply putted is a deep explanation of how we create our life or reality every time. Most of the Law of Attraction audio programs that are out there in many case they give a lot theory some mumbo-jumbo metaphysics and little or nothing on the practical side of the creation process.

This program has been craft in the way that you adsorb really the knowledge and the techniques discussed during the program. Dr. Anthony recorded this lesson using a mild conversational hypnosis some refers to this type of hypnosis as “subliminal hypnosis”. Very effective type of conversation with the listener imagine there are 6 CDS each containing 2-4 lessons each.

The Secret of Deliberate Creation is a complete program on manifestation and has an unique approach , very detailed course “how to” and the “theory” behind. It's 6 hours audio program full of theory and practical techniques (HOW TO) on The Law of Attraction and Quantum Physic and much more. The Secret of Deliberate Creation is designed to give the information for creating anything in life almost effortlessly if you follow the steps given by Dr. Anthony. 

The Audio Course Structure

The program has 6 CDS AUDIO each of the has 2-4 lessons for the a total of 6 hours of listing at the time of my writing it comes with 7 Dr. Anthony books as bonuses and the Intention Activator” Software. Here the details:


  • Introduction
  • Quantum Physics - The Key To Creating Your Future
  • The Law Of Attraction


  • How The Collective Consciousness Of Others Controls Your Life
  • How To Use Your Natural Inner Guidance System
  • The Secret Of The Flip Switch
  • Introducing Your Essential Silent Partner


  • Heart-Set vs. Mindset
  • How To Know What You Truly Desire
  • Your Creative Magic Energy - The Law Of Critical Mass


  • Communicating With Your ESP
  • Understanding Time And Your "Point Of Power"
  • Allowing vs. Resisting


  • Removing Self-Sabotage And Mental Blocks
  • Let Go And Let It Happen


  • How To Know When It's Time To Take Action
  • The Road To No More Excuses
  • The Ultimate Secret To Creating Your Life By Design



  1. Beyond Positive Thinking
  2. Betting on Yourself
  3. The Ultimate Secrets Of Total Self Confidence
  4. Magic Power of Super Persuasion
  5. Doing What You Love, Loving What You Do
  6. How to Make the Impossible Possible
  7. 50 Ideas That Can Change Your Life!


The Intention Activator” Software it's a software that you can install easily on you pc or laptop that helps to succeed in keeping the intention to achieve a goal firm in your mind. It will keep your ATTENTION on your INTENTION.

And also the Quick Start Guarantee audio track and pdf envelops and instructions where you get to manifest the cost of the program, guarantee by Dr Robert Anthony! With this process you'll recover the cost of the the entire program sound crazy but true. Also there is 365 Day Unconditional No Weasel Clauses Guarantee


The Secret Of Deliberate Creation

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