Theta Brain Waves
And Brain Entrainment

Research into theta brain waves has associated them with the ability to access the subconscious mind. They are also often connected to physical healing, intuition, emotional healing, and enhanced creativity.

Meditation has also been used as an effective brain entrainment technique, and this method is showing up as a cottage industry often practiced in Theta Healing programs.

There is much scientific evidence garnered over decades of research that supports connections between learning, memory, and theta brain waves.

For anyone interested in improving their creativity as well as their capacity to learn, you will want to know where to find resources to help empower you to apply theta waves to your lives.

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Theta Brain Waves
According To Science

There is a distinction made between those brain waves that come from the cerebral cortex in the brains of humans and those that have been recorded in the brains of animals in the hippo-campus, according to science. Only superficial observations have been made of the brain waves of humans because of the bioethics involved with doing more in-depth studies.

Therefore, these observations have been limited to EEG electrodes being attached to human scalps which have rendered a great deal of information. However, even though some people would be offended to find that more penetrative studies have been done with experiments on animals.

These studies make it quite clear those brain waves are active in both brain regions. This activity is in the range of 4 to 7 hertz. What you must know is that researchers are reluctant to speculate that these processes have any connection with each other and would rather believe that they are quite independent in nature.

On the other hand, they do acknowledge that theta waves are seen during REM sleep and the cortical theta rhythms can be associated with that time right between waking and remaining asleep. Some people even try brain entrainment to target this time when they desire lucid dreams.

Memory, Learning And
Theta Brain Waves

During times when short-term memory is required, this is the time you will see theta frequencies at work. They are also used at times when sensory information is being processed as well as during that short span of time when getting ready to perform body movements as a response to the information. It seems that the work of theta waves is to assist in separating new memory creation at the most basic cellular level from memories needed to sue sensory stimuli for learning.

Theta Brainwaves Pose Promise

Thomas Budzynski, during biofeedback research concluded this type of brain waves create a favorable climate for absorbing information that has been presented for the first time without critique. This takes place by the disabling for a brief moment the analytical side of the brain, the left hemisphere.

This brain entrainment helps during the process of re-programming our systems of belief. Those systems include feelings of self-worth, and can be used to unlearn mental habits that are destructive. During the theta state, great amounts of new information can be assimilated and absorbed into the being of a person.

Sometimes called the uncritical twilight zone, this state of being is the opportune moment to recreate within ourselves the type of person we would like to become by discarding negative attitudes and replacing them with more positive ones. When the brain is using its dominant frequency while in the theta state, visualization and positive affirmations can do their work.

Exploiting Theta Brain Waves
For Brain Entrainment

With this information about the power of theta state of mind, it is easy to see that you can harness that power to work for your greater good. It must be said though, that this is only one of the benefits to learning how to work with theta waves. You can learn to work effectively with them and take full advantage of this relatively old phenomenon.

Brain entrainment advances, using audio techniques are making all of this possible. Binaural Beats Isochronic tones help to control those dominant frequencies that resonate from the brain. If you are interested in doing everything you can to learn better and rid yourself of those negative thoughts, you might want to experiment with your own theta waves.

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