Six Steps For My
Vision Board!

The first time I heard the idea of vision board was in the famous movie The Secret. Where John Assaraf one of the teacher in explain how he's manifested the house of his dream by putting the picture on a board 5 years early. He took the

picture from a specialized magazine. But the cool part was that, the house he was living five years later was exactly the same one from the picture on his board.

Very powerful example there. You may think that was The Secret everything was possible in that movie, the protagonists are masters in this manifestation process.

I was skeptical too about the all process. As you know my motto you have to try for yourself to see if it works, so I did. But before I going to explain my own experience on this, I would like the to tell you about the fundamental about the manifestation process.

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Why The Vision Board Works

Vision Board

Starting from the point that your thoughts generate your feeling and that generate your action, the vision board its great tool to catalyses this all process. You see we all have a part of our brain called Reticular Activating System (RAS) that operates as filter for all information stimulus that are coming from the out side world.

Imagine that our brain is able handle millions of bits of information at any given time. But most of this information is filtered from to RAS, to prevent an overload of information. But unfortunately this process cause to loose other set of information that are vital for our personal development and goal achievement.

This why using a vision board, for my point of view, is an other way to increase our awareness direct toward the achievement of your goals. So the way to broader your the net, your filter, or in hypnotic words the way to by pass the gate keeper, is to reprogram your unconscious mind toward the achievement of you goals.

So a good vision board can help to achieve just that board can help to achieve just that.Now how to create this great tool. It's very important that you think like and highly focus person. Stay focus on the goals that you want manifest. Keep focusing on it. Even if your programming his say that this practice is not going to bring any results.

How To Create Your Vision Board

There essentially two ways to make a good vision board one is physical and the second on computer there many programs that help to achieve that.

Here the step which I used to create my personal one. I clearly remember the excitement of that day I started mine. As follow:

  1. I've got one of notice board in natural cork, just like the one you find in offices
  2. I've got a pack of push pins.
  3. I went on line searching for pictures of things that I want manifest in my life, and then I printed them (you can get the pictures from magazine too).
  4. I got printed some of the most inspirational and motivational quotes.
  5. I place the pictures and quotes on the notice board.
  6. I've placed my vision board just right in front my bad on the wall.

The first two steps are about the material I've used, this was the way I've built mine, but you can do that on your computer too.

The third step is very important because by searching on line or in magazine you start filter out really what things that you will love have in life.

Keep on searching for the right pictures for you, until you really feel something about the idea to have, be or do that thing. So in this way all your goals become more clear into your mind now and later on the board

Now the fourth step is important too. You go find the inspirational and motivational quotes that really resonate with you. Because they will help to generate good feelings every time you go trough the process. So make sure you choose the right ones.

The fifth steps is when I putted every thing together on the board. To be honest I didn't pay much attention where exactly I putted the pictures on the board. I heard that some people has some special techniques that will help to achieve fast their goals. But I don't know that. I placed the pictures anywhere on the board, but I left enough space between the pictures and quotes, so that they are all visible at the same time.

The sixth step it's easy way to understand I placed my board right in front my bad where I can see that and concentrated for few minutes at list twice a day. But you can place any where you feel right for you ideally should be place where you can see more often. 

How To Use The Vision Board

In how to use the board that I've got some problem at first. In the beginning I honestly felt bit disorientated form the all process, so it cause me some bad emotion too. Let explain why.

It because every time I've watched and visualize my goals, I've felt all the negative emotion coming up. This because my mind was drowning my attention to actual situation of my daily life.

In other words my programming was saying: hey listen you have no money, you're in debts, you've lost the job, you're not in relationship. And so on. Yes that was my old programming that make focusing on what I don't have rather that focusing on what I would like experience.

The way I overcome this problem is to get into that gratitude feeling before I start to visualize the things I want. I listen to my favor music that makes feel good. And then I move my attention to the board trying to recreate as much as I can, the feeling of what would be like to have the very things that I want to manifest. I imagine them as they already exist in my life right now.

I use this visualization process in the morning and at night time before I go to bad. I hope you have your vision board too can be a good process for manifesting your goals.

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