What is Self Esteem?
The Real Truth About It!

The simple and true meaning of What is self esteem? is how you feel about yourself on both the inside and the outside. If people keep putting you down about your looks such as

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 “you’re too fat.” “you look too dumpy,” or “you’re too skinny,” then you are naturally going to feel bad about yourself and consequently you will suffer from low self esteem.

It makes no difference whether you are rich or poor, brilliant or not so smart, someone who is well-known or just a stranger; we all are endowed with self-esteem.

What makes us suddenly have a decrease in self esteem?

What Causes A Decrease In Self Esteem?

If your self image is poor, then your self esteem is going to suffer. Remember that your self image is the way you see yourself. If you feel that you are honest, good, trustworthy, reliable, friendly, hardworking and a punctual person, then you will most likely have a very good self image. On the other hand, if you take a look at yourself in the mirror, and think just about everyone looks and dresses better than you, if you are not well-liked and if you are often put down by your peers, then you will suffer from low self esteem.

Your job also feeds your self esteem. If you have a job in which you are not happy and dread going to work each day, then this will certainly not cause to increase self esteem. However, if you are happy with your job, have the respect of your co-workers, then all of this serves to increase your self esteem.

When you suffer from low self esteem, this serves to feed your negative thinking. Then you start believing that what others are criticizing you for is true. Then this sends you in a tail spin which is not good. You do not even know the answer to "What is self esteem?" You have to find a way to end those negative thoughts and start to increase self esteem.

How to Increase Low Self Esteem

You know that negative thoughts fuel low self esteem and you sink lower and lower into the quagmire of self-pity. Try some positive self talk and do not indulge in always criticizing yourself. Remember that YOU are just as important as others. Therefore, do not neglect yourself.

Just be your own person and do not try to imitate other people. This shows that you are not only lacking in confidence but self-worth as well. Strive to improve yourself, and this will lead to higher self esteem. Assuredness, self-worth and confidence will increase when you find yourself focusing on your needs and desires.

Difference Between
Self Esteem And Intelligence

It is easy to see the relationship between intelligence and self esteem. The smarter and more gifted a person is will naturally make that person feel very good about himself. Therefore, he has a high level of self esteem. On the other hand, the person who finds it hard to study, gets poor grades and just cannot seem to keep up with the group or understand some complexities of his job will really beat himself down to the ground and will suffer from low self esteem. It is just like self esteem and the amount of intelligence one has go hand-in-hand.

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Difference Between
Self Esteem And Confidence

As stated earlier in this article, if we want to answer the question of "What is self esteem?" We simply have to recall that it is how you feel about yourself or what your own worth is to you.

How are self esteem and confidence linked together? When one exudes confidence, this is displayed outwardly to others by your mannerisms and swagger. It even tends to change your personality and style. On the other hand, confidence is a person’s belief in her abilities.

There are some cases in which celebrities appear to be so full of self confidence, but yet they have very low self esteem, and this sometimes becomes so bad that it leads to a deep depression and even suicide. When someone has a high level of self esteem it helps to improve her self confidence.

Conclusion "What is Self Esteem?

In conclusion, it is hopeful that you now know the answer to "What is Self Esteem?" and what a role this plays on your emotions, confidence and intelligence.

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